Monday, June 25, 2007

Will Webb stay against cloture? Via Krikorian:

A reader just sent this:

Because I live in Virginia, I've been calling all of Senator Webb's offices to register my opposition to cloture on the immigration bill. I haven't been able to get through to his Washington office, but I actually got a live person on the phone at his Hampton Roads office. She told me that nothing has been officially announced, but that he'll be voting no on cloture. I don't know what that's worth, but if you want to post that online so that people can keep on calling him, I think it would be helpful. Keep the pressure on!

Would any Day In, Day Out readers who live in Virginia care to follow up?
UPDATE: Check out this ALIPAC forum. A number of posters report that Webb's office is telling them he will vote against cloture.

UPDATE II: Webb's still undecided. I just received this message from someone in his office:

The Senator has not disclosed whether he will vote for cloture or against it –– so I can deny that rumor.

Please let others know that he has not stated that he will vote against cloture. If that was conveyed in a call to our office, it was a misunderstanding.

So he's still on the fence (at least publicly)!