Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live-blogging cloture vote....
Interesting votes/ switches:
Brownback--yes (I think; did I hear this right the first time?) UPDATE: I did hear it right.
Bennett--yes (stays in favor of cloture)
Gregg--yes (stays in favor)

Brownback switches to no; SWITCH
Bingaman--no: SWITCH
Bayh--no (stays against)
Hatch--no (stays against)
Murkowski--no--SWITCH: if she's switched against cloture, cloture looks in trouble?...
Stabenow--no (hold)
Smith--no (hold)
Burr--no: SWITCH
Pryor--no: SWITCH
Nelson (NE)--no: SWITCH
Collins--no: SWITCH--big move against cloture...
McConnell--no; SWITCH
Brown switches to "no"; SWITCH
Warner--no; SWITCH
Voinovich--no; SWITCH
11:15 EST: cloture looks in trouble...11:20: it looks a little more in trouble....even more in trouble..11:23--it looks like cloture will fail...

Cloture fails: 46-53...