Thursday, June 28, 2007

A few reactions from around the net:

Kaus names an interesting "loser" and an interesting "winner" in the present failure of cloture (and keeps wondering if Reid is really that disappointed by the fact that cloture failed today).

Speaker Pelosi (h/t Hot Air) criticizes Republicans for failing to act on a "historic chance." Is the blame game coming out? Sen. Menendez didn't sound too happy on the Senate floor today after the failure of cloture, either.

Sen. Webb, one of today's switchers, backs the appropriation of $4.4 billion for enforcement of present laws:
One sensible proposal to come from the bill, supported overwhelmingly by my colleagues in the Senate, was a $4.4 billion allocation aimed at securing our borders and enforcing our laws at the workplace. I believe we should proceed with appropriating these funds for enhanced border security and workplace enforcement. I will make it a priority over the course of this legislative session to see that this appropriation of funds happens.

Sen. Jim DeMint, one of the leading critics of the "grand bargain," proclaims that "the American people won today."

UPDATE: Kate O'Beirne has some reflections from various "insiders." Her report corroborates a claim of one of my sources that senators were wary of being vote 59 on a failed cloture motion, and, once the Alaskans (Murkowski and Stevens) switched, it became apparent that cloture would "lose big." Also says that "the lopsided vote against the Senate bill by House Republicans (114? to 23) overstated House GOP support."

UPDATE: More on the Brownback switch during today's cloture vote (via Geraghty):

"I wanted to signal that I am supportive of comprehensive immigration reform, but that now is not the time and this is not the bill."

His staff says this was done intentionally, and that he deliberately voted first and loudly.