Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), while leading a delegation to Mexico, complains about the US Congress not passing "comprehensive immigration reform" that included legalization of the "undocumented":
Leading a large delegation of Texas executives trying to drum up business in Mexico, Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday criticized the U.S. Congress for failing to pass an immigration bill that would legalize millions of workers.

"I don't think this is that difficult an issue if Congress would have the maturity to sit down and really discuss it and cut out all the mean rhetoric," Perry said during a break in the third day of meetings with Mexican officials and business executives.

"We need those individuals to continue to grow our economy," he said of Texas' undocumented workers, most of whom hail from Mexico. "The vast, vast majority of those individuals want to come and work and take care of their families."

He also wants some foreign worker program (e.a.):

Perry said he supports a system that would temporarily legalize foreign workers, while making sure they pay taxes and obey the law.

Such a system, Perry said, would allow for a "free flow of individuals between these countries who want to work, who want to be an asset to our country and to Mexico."