Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Virginia, state legislators propose a variety of new immigration-related laws, including a measure that would prohibit "illegal immigrants" from attending public universities:
Virginia Republicans announced legislation Wednesday that would prohibit public colleges and universities from accepting illegal immigrants even if they attended a public high school and were brought to the United States at an early age by their parents.

GOP leaders, who control both houses of the legislature, suggested that some Virginia residents are being denied access to college because too many illegal immigrants are taking available slots.

However, some state colleges and universities, such as the University of Virginia, say that they already don't accept "illegal immigrants"--that they require some form of documentation. We'll have to see what form of documentation this new law would require.

Other measures under consideration in Virginia:

The Republican proposal would also require city and county jails to check a defendant's immigration status and to have at least one person on duty who has been certified by the federal government to detain illegal immigrants until deportation proceedings. It would also routinely deny bail for illegal immigrants charged in a crime and suspend the business licenses of anyone convicted of hiring illegal immigrants.