Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Hunt's On!...?:More on K-Lo's "leadership source":

The Republican leadership gave Reid no assurances about cloture on the bill; the final makeup of the bill after amendments will determine whether or not cloture is invoked on the bill itself. And, unlike before the last cloture vote, the leadership was successful in getting another dozen or so Republican amendments pending to the bill. There will now be more GOP roll call votes on amendments than on last year's bill when the GOP was in charge (not counting the committee amendments).
So has the leadership rounded up enough votes for cloture or not? This source reiterates the claim that the GOP will now have more "roll call votes" for amendments for this bill on the Senate floor than they had on the floor for last year's bill (also acknowledging the absence of the standard committee process for this year's bill), and the lack of votes was one of the (supposed) reasons for supporting the filibuster last time. Is this source offering wiggle room? For whom? For what?