Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DREAM Act Update: The Washington Times posits some possible divisions within the administration:
The Bush administration has not taken an official position, but Defense Department officials are quietly urging members to support the bill. Meanwhile, Homeland Security officials, alarmed by the prospect of massive fraud resulting from Mr. Durbin's proposal, have been opposing it.

John Hawkins has a post up on the progress of the act and an interesting IM conversation between himself and a Senate source:

Anonymous Senate Aide: Still need to get some more info, but it is certainly going to be offered this week on the DoD authorization bill. There is some question as to whether it will be adopted. I think we will find a way to require them to get 60 votes, at that threshold, we should win. If we lose, there is still some question as to whether DoD Auth will ever be signed into law anyway.

John: Why do you think it might not be signed into law?

Anonymous Senate Aide: Because I am pretty sure the Dems will succeed in attaching some sort of timetable retreat measure on to the bill, if they do, the President will veto it.


Anonymous Senate Aide: Me too. I think it has kind of snuck below the radar. Sessions is gearing up on this now though. Word is that he will lead the floor fight against it.

John: When is the vote?

Anonymous Senate Aide: Still unclear

John: This week though?

Anonymous Senate Aide: I believe so.