Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rep. Pence (R-IN) continues to press against the "fairness doctrine." And he cites some past history:
As a candidate back in 1988, Bush's father threatened a similar veto after President Reagan had had to veto one fairness doctrine reimposition bill and threatened a second to keep the doctrine off the books.
Will any present presidential candidates promise a similar veto if he or she becomes president?

In terms of Pence's "Broadcaster Freedom Act," he says that "every Republican member of Congress and one Democrat--he did not identify the Dem--have co-sponsored the bill." Now, a number of Democrats voted to keep the FCC from re-instituting the "fairness doctrine" for the next financial year; is there any reason why only one has become a co-sponsor of this legislation? Do that many representatives only want the FCC not to re-institute the "fairness doctrine" next year--but don't mind if it re-institutes it some other year? Has Democratic leadership discouraged people from supporting this legislation? Or is there some other tactical reason for this? Will more be co-sponsoring soon?

Pence hopes to keep this issue alive:
Pence said that when Congress returns, he will try to bring the bill to the floor using "every tool in the box." Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) twice tried to introduce the act as an amendment to bills in the Senate, but was unsuccessful.
UPDATE 8/10: Pence identifies his sole Democratic co-sponsor: John Yarmuth from Kentucky