Monday, August 6, 2007

The Hill reports that Sen. McCain comes out strongly against Kelo-type rulings about private property rights:
The senator, who is trying to revive his struggling White House campaign, told a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that he plans to appoint constructionist judges to the Supreme Court who “respect the Constitution and understand the security of private property it provides.”

"If need be, I would seek to amend the Constitution to protect private property rights in America," he added.
McCain was referring to the 2005 Supreme Court “eminent domain” decision, which he blasted as “disastrous.” The ruling gave local governments the right to take the house of a homeowner and use it for economic development.

“Property is the fruit of one’s labor,” the senator told the crowd. “Property-rights protection means that the individual reaps the rewards from the sweat of his brow, not the government or those who control the government.”
Will this move prompt other GOP and Democratic candidates to offer their own opinions on eminent domain law and property rights?
UPDATE: I see that Fred Thompson has a commentary on eminent domain up at his site.