Friday, July 6, 2007

While some have speculated about some of the challenges Sen. Graham (R-SC) may face in his 2008 re-election bid, Graham's fellow SC senator, Jim DeMint (R), has written a letter praising his colleague:
It's not unusual after a sporting event to see the opposing players
congratulating each other for a hard-fought game. While the stakes of the
emotional immigration debate were far greater than any game, good friendships
survived the battle. The first person to shake my hand after the vote last week
was my good friend, Sen. Lindsey Graham.Some may be surprised to learn that
throughout the immigration debate, Sen. Graham and I continued to talk about how
to achieve tax reform, how to get every American insured with private health
care, and how to expand South Carolina's leadership in nuclear energy. And just
last Friday, we both cosponsored a bill to keep the federal government from
reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine, a policy that would gag talk radio and
everyone's First Amendment right to free speech.Lindsey and I have worked
closely together in Congress for over eight years and we make a good team for
South Carolina. Both of us have been willing to take unpopular stands when we
thought we were right, and both of us have gone against the president when we
thought he was wrong.We may have different views on how to improve our
immigration system, but I have a deep respect for the hard work, conviction and
passion Sen. Graham brings to policy debates. I'm proud to work alongside
Lindsey; he's a trusted friend and a true asset to South Carolina and the