Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Robert Novak column offers a glimpse of how Newt Gingrich is involving himself in the present immigration debate (the "poison" is Dorgan's amendment that would "sunset" the guest worker program after five years:
Removing the poison will not be easy, but a start was made this week with unusual effort from President Bush. When Bush attended the weekly luncheon of Republican senators for the second time in his presidency, former House speaker Newt Gingrich e-mailed Senate staffers that "the Bush administration is determined to force [the immigration bill] through with raw power." Gingrich sent confrontational talking points for the aides to give their senators when they met the president. There is no sign that any of them were used Tuesday during a civil encounter that perhaps promises a better performance ahead by the Senate.

Whether this public civility is a sign of, from Novak's perspective (which is one that seems in basic support of the "grand bargain"), a "better performance" in the future or not, this paragraph does hint at the level of Gingrich's involvement. One wonders what those "confrontational talking points" were...