Thursday, June 14, 2007

So does Isakson want to leap to "immigration reform"? Interesting words today by Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) [via the AJC's Political Insider]:

“I told the president what I said in the letter and what I say about the Congress. There is a low confidence level in the Congress and the president in terms of this issue because of what happened in 1986.

“And until that confidence level is restored to a level it needs to be, we’re going to continue to have trouble on anything dealing with this bill.

“And what does restore the confidence is not a promise to secure the border, but the funding being delivered and that work actually taking place — which is why we recommended they send an emergency supplemental [bill] appropriating the money, get the work done, and decouple the issue of reform with security.”


“You can’t walk with putting both feet forward at the same time. You fall over. That’s called hopping.”

So does he ultimately want to walk or hop--or leap? Would passing this emergency supplemental mean he would support the current immigration bill?