Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hugh Hewitt has the list of amendments (for now) from a Hill source. This list is from a Democratic email message:
Subject: Immigration Amendments

Please find below a copy of the draft amendment list. The list is tentative, in flux, and continually changing at the edges. If we get cloture to proceed to the bill, these amendments (or a similar list of amendments) would be eligible for votes before final passage.

We are still working with Republicans on a list of amendments that might be included in a voice vote-able managers’ type package.

Democratic Amendments

1199 Dodd Family parent visas

1313 Webb Community ties for Zs

1236 Baucus-Tester Strike all reference to REAL ID

1332 Sanders Employers to certify no mass layoff

1344 Byrd Border security immigration fee

1317 Menendez Increased family points in merit system

1340 Brown Employers post job at state agency

1468 McCaskill Repeat violators who hire undocumented workers

1486 Levin Iraqi religious minority refugees

1386 Leahy Refugee Scholars (may instead be 1289 on EB-5 investors)

------ Schumer Tamper-proof biometric social security card (no language yet)

1198 Boxer Reducing Y visa cap by number of Y workers who overstay

Republican Amendments

1161 Alexander Oath of allegiance for naturalization (may move to manager’s package)

1255 Bond Prohibits green cards for Z holders

1473 Coleman information sharing/sanctuary cities (Coleman is redrafting, new language not available)

1335/1258 Domenici Federal judgeship increase (redrafting)

1490 Ensign Preclusion of social security benefits

1465 Graham Enforcement, plus other potential agreed upon amendments folded in (redrafting, content not clear)

1441 Grassley-Baucus Obama Strike and replace Title III (small changes possible)

1440 Hutchison Touchback/strike and replace title vi (redrafting)

1174 Thune Probationary legal status triggers

1318 Chambliss Totalization agreement

1282 Isakson Preemption/Home Depot (redrafting)

------ Graham Criminal penalties/mandatory minimums for overstays

If this list is true, it's a clear demonstration that the supposed/theorized cloture-votes-for-amendments deal is not universal: Chambliss and Isakson have declared themselves against cloture. Was there even such a deal--was that staffer wrong? Or has the deal fallen through? Or will Chambliss's and Isakson's amendments be switched out? As the message says, this list is "in flux."