Thursday, November 29, 2007

Horse Race--Huckabee Struggles in Polling: In a recent batch of Survey USA polls, Mike Huckabee lags behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in hypothetical general election matchups in a number of key states--especially compared to how other Republican candidates would fare. These polls have results for hypothetical matchups of Huckabee, McCain, Romney, and Giuliani against Clinton and Obama; in many states, Huckabee does the worst of the four Republican candidates.
In Kansas, Huckabee lags 6 points behind Clinton (43-49). John McCain leads Clinton in that state by 17 points (55-38). Huckabee also lags 6 points behind Obama in Kansas (41-47).
Huckabee falls 14 points behind Clinton in New Mexico (39-53); McCain leads Clinton 48-45 there.
In Kentucky, every Republican candidate leads Obama--except for Huckabee (who trails him 42-44).
In Virginia, Huckabee does the worst of all Republican candidates, falling 10 points behind Clinton (40-50) and 12 points behind Obama (38-50).