Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sen. Kyl (R-AZ), one of the architects of the "grand bargain," may have another immigration bill in the works--one that focuses (or seems to focus) on enforcement:
The new legislation will offer a selection of immigration enforcement options that were identified during and after debate surrounding the failed immigration reform bill, Kyl said.

“It will be kind of a menu of all the kinds of things you can pick from if you wanted to do enforcement first. I think we need to change some laws in that regard,” Kyl said Monday during an interview on radio station KTAR-FM 92.3.

Kyl did not elaborate on his p lans during the interview. Later, through a spokesman, he declined an interview with the Tribune because the language of the new bill has yet to be finalized.
We'll have to see how the language of this measure turns out...and if the proposal will make it to the floor...Kyl plans to introduce it before August 4.