Friday, July 20, 2007

Plans are afoot in Ohio to introduce a new bill targeting "illegal immigrants" and those who hire them:

Representative Combs will introduce a bill in the next legislative session that would crack down on illegal immigrants and those who hire them.

In addition, the bill would authorize Ohio's attorney general to seek from the government, federal police powers for local law enforcement.

"Well, we can't wait for the federal government," said Sheriff Jones at the press conference.

"What we're saying is we've got a bill here," said Rep. Combs. "We're gonna do what we can and we're gonna stand up in Ohio and push all we can and ask the federal government to be a partner with Ohio, so we can do the job."

Sheriff Jones and Rep. Combs say it would be a bi-partisan bill.

More on this bill here. This bill would, among other measures, affect laws about the transportation of the "undocumented":
Combs’ bill also would make concealment and transportation of illegal immigrants a felony. It also would require contracting businesses to withhold state income taxes “at the top marginal rate” from any subcontractors who fail to verify their employees are working legally.