Monday, July 9, 2007

In press conference this afternoon, Sen. Reid lays out what he hopes to be the plan for debate on Iraq funding in the Senate. First, debate and vote on Webb amendment, which will require that soldiers have at least 1:1 ration of time deployed to time not deployed. Reid then hopes to move on to debate on the Levin-Reed amendment, which would mandate beginning troop withdrawals (though an early draft of this amendment had some provisions for presidential waivers of some requirements). It's less clear what will follow after that amendment's debate.
UPDATE: Levin's office informs me that the amendment text will be different than that of the draft mentioned above. The new Levin-Reed will be unveiled tomorrow.
CORRECTION: It's "Levin-Reed" (not "Levin-Reid," which was an earlier amendment on Iraq). Sorry about that.