Monday, July 30, 2007

In Oregon, a contractor wants Columbia County to be declared a "legal workers only" zone:

Mayo wants bright 4- by 8-foot signs reading "Legal Workers Only" to be posted across the county. The signs would list contact information for the sheriff's department and federal immigration agents.

His plan asks that the local law enforcement respond to complaints by inspecting job sites and fining those out of compliance. If signs are not displayed, fines of $1,000 a week would be imposed.

A contractor caught hiring illegal workers would face a $15,000 building-permit increase per home. Business licenses and rental licenses of those who hire or rent to undocumented immigrants could be suspended.

Mayo took his proposal to the Columbia County Board of Commissioners, who told him last week that the county was not equipped to enforce it.

So Mayo plans to let voters decide. He said he will collect the 1,300 valid signatures necessary and try to put the measure on the ballot in November or March.